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About Reverb

Keith Barrett founded Reverb Media in 2017 to meet a need he identified in the financial services market. Following eight years working as an editor in financial services in Sydney, he recognised the poor outcomes that leading businesses were achieving through generating content in-house, or by relying on large PR companies to leverage their content in the market. 

Reverb works with the industry's best journalists, writers, photographers, designers and video teams.

Through understanding the recipients of these communications – whether they are subscribers to a media database, members of a professional body, or clients of a business – he has developed a strategy that takes a business through steps to identify its core strengths, then specifically use these to create compelling, valued and important communications for the intended audience.

Reverb Media clients create media... that resonates.


About Keith Barrett

Keith Barrett, the owner and head of strategy at Reverb Media, has been a journalist for 25 years and an editor for more than 18. In that time, he has run newspapers and magazines in Europe and Australia and has a specific area of expertise in financial services.

He has edited The Adelaide Review in addition to the magazines Professional Planner, Investment Magazine, ASFA’s Superfunds, and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s Charter. His work has covered investment management, sovereign wealth, government liaison, technology, entertainment, photography, lifestyle, food and wine, sport, charity, defence, business, infrastructure, events, and health.

He has won awards in both Ireland and Australia for his publications.

He has worked with some of the largest member organisations in Australia and currently provides guidance, strategic support and content creation services to large ASX-listed entities, through to small not-for-profits.